Frieze London 2021, Александра Сухарева: Comb in the grass.

The project by Alexandra Sukhareva focuses on the Siege of Leningrad (September 8, 1941 – January 27, 1944). In her research, the artist’s objective is to investigate the variety of channels and spiritual domains through which people sought something to confide in the face of uncertainty. Sukhareva’s research is focused on documenting traces of human experiences that signify how hope could initiate alternative ontologies capable of influencing the blockade life: prolonging it, pulling out of psychic dystrophy, or redirecting its entire course. According to the author, the blockade vision and sensibility find their place in our times.

The project took a shape of a library archive: four boxes keep the documents and mention personalities representing the Gnostic mythologeme of the blockade. concern is to explore the variety of channels and spiritual outlets through which people sought something to rely on in the face of the uncertainty.

Project organised with the support of Garage Museum of Contemporary art.

Catalogue / Portfolio

Alexandra Sukhareva (b. 1983, lives and works in Moscow and Dubna ) – an artist, author of process-oriented works, often affecting the phenomena of the mutual influence of matter and cognitive gestures on each other . Participant of many international exhibitions : “Things , words and consequences ”, MMOMA (2012), dOCUMENTA (13), (2012 ), “Human Commonalities ”, V.Sidur Museum (2016 ), 1st Triennial of Russian Art , Garage Museum ( 2017 ) and others . Participant of the Garage Museum Grant Program, 2016.

Her works are included in the museum collections of Tate Modern (London), Castello di Rivoli (Turin) and private collections in Mexico, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UK and Russia.

Upcoming 2022 nation pavilion at Venice Biennale.

Александра Сухарева
Frieze ярмарка в Лондоне — Александра Сухарева

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