Loop Барселона: Саша Литвинцева

Every Rupture

13 min / 2020

A cruise ship during the Brexit referendum. A colony of birds unwittingly killing the forest they call home. A world in a pandemic. Nothing is a closed system. In moving through these three ecologies the film questions what old images can mean after a rupture and offers a space of mourning.


Sasha Litvintseva  (b. 1987) (portfolio) is an artist filmmaker and writer researcher, whose work is situated on the uncertain thresholds of the perceptible and the communicable, organism and environment, and knowledge regimes and power, at the intersection of media, ecology and the history of science. Her work has been exhibited worldwide including solo presentations at Institute of Contemporary Art, London; Berlinische Galerie, Modern Art Museum Berlin; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Union Docs, New York; CIAP Kunstverein, Genk; Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin; screenings including at the Berlinale, Rotterdam, Courtisane, Cinema Du Reel, Punto de Vista, RIDM film festivals. And group presentations at MUMOK Vienna; CAC Vilnius; Moscow Museum of Modern Art; Museum of the Moving Image, New York; Sonic Acts; Berlin Atonal and the Videobrasil, Moscow Young Art, Wroclaw Media Art and Venice Architecture biennales and the Baltic Triennial, among many others.

Loop Барселона: Саша Литвинцева

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